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Citywide Cooling Residential Preventive Maintenance Detail

With residential heating and cooling applications, City Cooling & Heating always starts with a system safety evaluation. This covers carbon monoxide detectors, air quality, air filtration and humidification, condition of machinery, and gas and/or oil delivery and inspection.

We believe preventive maintenance is the best way to maximize the efficiency and life span of all mechanical equipment.

Listed below are the services provided on a typical residential PM.

25-Point Precision Tune-up Services for Cooling & Heating

1.   Check thermostat operation
2.   Clean or replace air filter
3.   Inspect fused disconnect
4.   Test and tighten all wiring connections
5.   Safety test all controls for proper operation
6.   Test capacitors
7.   Inspect blower and motor
8.   Adjust or replace belt if applicable
9.   Inspect/lubricate bearing
10.  Inspect/clean drain pan to protect overflow
11.  Clean drain line
12.  Inspect/clean indoor coil
13.  Inspect/clean outdoor coil
14.  Check voltage and amperage
15.  Inspect and test all motors
16.  Visual inspection for refrigerant leaks
17.  Install gauges/measure refrigerant pressures
18.  Measure refrigerant super heat and sub cooling to maximize efficiency
19.  Measure temperature across the system
20.  Test for presence of CO
21.  Inspect heat exchanger and clean burner
22.  Inspect unit insulation
23.  Check for adequate combustion air
24.  Replace oil filter and nozzle
25.  Check defrost cycle

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